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Eastern Front
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Eastern Front
This realistic solitaire game allows you to recreate Germany's invasion of Russia during World War II.
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I. Introduction

Eastern Front Solitaire is a board game simulation of Germany's ill-fated invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.
   -> The player directs the German armed forces.
   -> The game system simulates the actions of Soviet forces.
      - The Soviet Operations card guides this effort.
   -> The playing pieces represent corps, armies, army groups and headquarters.
      - German playing pieces represent panzer corps, infantry armies, army group headquarters and panzer group headquarters.
      - Soviet playing pieces represent fronts (army groups) and armies.
   -> The combat strengths of units vary during play.
      - Record these strengths in points on the strength point tracks.

Learning to Play

Lay out the game components and refer to them while reading the rules.
   -> Many of the key rules are summarized for quick reference on the play aid cards.
      - These summaries ease learning and playing the game.
      - They also provide a review when replaying the game.

The Player Reference booklet provides:
   -> Historical Commentary.
   -> Design Notes.
   -> Playing Hints.
   -> A Key to the Units.
   -> Scenario Instructions.
   -> Map Districts Reference.

II. Game Equipment

Inventory of Components

A complete copy of Eastern Front Solitaire includes the following components:
   -> 1 Rules of Play Booklet
   -> 1 Player Reference Booklet
   -> 1 Set of 280 Die-Cut Playing Pieces
   -> 1 Map Sheet
   -> 9 Play Aid Cards
      - Sequence of Play Card
      - Game Turn Record Card
      - Combat Results Table Card
      - Combat Modifications Card
      - Soviet Operations Card
      - Strategic Events Table Card
      - General Point Track Card
      - German Strength Point Track Card
      - Soviet Strength Point Track Card
   -> 2 Six-Sided Dice
   -> 1 Game Box

Charts, Tables and Tracks

Eastern Front Solitaire contains several tables, charts and tracks.
   -> Tables are used, with the player's die rolls, to determine variable results.
   -> Charts provide constant information for the player's reference during play.
   -> Tracks are used to record changes in status with minimal record keeping.

IV. Sequence of Play

Eastern Front Solitaire is played in game turns.
   -> Each turn represents a month of the war.
Use the following sequence to resolve each turn.
   -> A play aid card lists the sequence of play.

German Reinforcement Phase

Place any arriving reinforcements in a district along the map's western edge.
Determine the number of replacement points received.
   -> Adjust the Replacement markers to record the additional points. Distribute replacement points to units.
   -> Add replacement points to eligible units, as desired.
      - Adjust the Replacement and unit Strength Point markers accordingly.
   -> Return any replaced units to play in a district along the map's western edge.
Reassign a maximum of four German strength points from one unit to another.
   -> Both units must be in general supply.
Determine the number of attack supply points available for the turn.
   -> Divide these attack supply points among army group headquarters, as desired.
      - Adjust the headquarters' Attack Supply markers accordingly.
Determine the level of tactical superiority of German forces for the turn.

German Operational Movement Phase

Determine supply individually for each unit before moving it.
   -> Infantry armies and headquarters must be in general supply to move.
   -> Panzer corps in swamp or mountain districts must be in general supply to move.
   -> Panzer corps in clear terrain may move even if they are out of supply.
      Move any or all German army group headquarters, as desired.
      Move any or all panzer group headquarters, as desired.
      Move any or all infantry armies and panzer corps, as desired.
   -> Move Axis allied armies as German infantry armies.

German Operational Combat Phase

Resolve any attempts to neutralize a Soviet supply district by German forces in an adjacent supply district.
Allocate panzer corps and infantry armies to attack Soviet forces, as desired.
   -> Place Attack markers in:
      - All districts in which German forces will attack.
      - Any Soviet supply districts the German forces will attempt to capture.
Resolve each attack by the following procedure:
Combat Resolution Procedure
Follow this procedure once for each district containing an attack marker.
   -> Determine the supply status of each attacking and defending unit.
      - To conduct the attack in attack supply, expend an Attack Supply point from the appropriate headquarters.
      - Units must be in attack supply or general supply to attack.
   -> Calculate the odds ratio of the attack.
      - Modify unit strengths for supply and terrain.
   -> Determine the combat die roll modifier.
      - Shift the Combat Modifier marker on the Combat Modifications Track for terrain, if applicable.
      - Adjust the Combat Modifier marker for any adverse weather.
      - Shift the marker for odds ratio greater than or less than those on the Combat Results Table, if necessary.
      - Adjust the marker for the turn's level of German tactical superiority.
      - Shift the marker as necessary for supply status.
   -> Roll the die.
      - Modify the result by the combat modifier.
   -> Consult the Combat Results Chart.
      - Cross-index the odds ratio with the modified die roll result to determine the combat result.
      - Remove the losses suffered.
      - Conduct any retreats, advances or breakthroughs.
   -> Remove the Attack marker.
      - This concludes combat in the district.

German Exploitation Movement Phase

Move any or all panzer corps in clear terrain and in general supply, as desired.
   -> Panzer corps in swamp or mountain districts are not eligible to move.
   -> Determine supply individually for each unit before moving it.

German Exploitation Combat Phase

The player may conduct multiple attacks in a district during exploitation combat.
Allocate supplied panzer corps in clear terrain to attack Soviet forces, as desired.
   -> Panzer corps in swamp or mountain districts cannot attack.
   -> Place Attack markers in the districts where German panzer units will attack.
Allocate supplied infantry armies to attack isolated Soviet forces, as desired.
   -> Place Attack markers in these districts.
Resolve each attack using the Combat Resolution Procedure with one additional step.
   -> After determining the combat result, decide whether German forces will continue to attack in the district.
      - If combat continues, repeat the Combat Resolution Procedure.
      - If combat is concluded, remove the Attack marker.

Soviet Operations Phase

Determine Soviet operations using the Soviet Operations card.
   -> Adjust the Soviet manpower and tank pools per the instructions of the Soviet Operations card.
   -> Establish the Soviet front line.
      - Place Soviet units as necessary.
      - Adjust unit combat strengths.
   -> Consult the Strategic Events Table, if applicable.
      - Determine if Rumania surrenders.
      - Determine if Hungary surrenders.
      - If either nation surrenders, remove all of its units from play.
   -> Determine the number of Soviet attacks.
      - Allocate each to a district.
   -> Allocate all available Soviet shock armies and tank armies to an attack.
      - Place the units in the appropriate districts.
      - Adjust their combat strengths.
   -> Determine the amount of Soviet attack supply available.
      - Allocate each point to an attack.
   -> Resolve each Soviet attack.
      - Resolve one attack for each point of Soviet attack supply.
      - If none is allocated to the attack, resolve one attack in general supply.
      - Resolve each attack using a modified version of the Combat Resolution Procedure.
      - Extract losses and conduct any retreats, advances or breakthroughs.
      - Adjust Soviet combat strengths as necessary.
   -> Return tank and shock armies to the force pool unless the attack:
      - Eliminated all German forces in the district.
      - Isolated German forces in the district.
      - Forced all German forces to retreat from the district.
   -> Place a Bridgehead marker in the district if the attack breached a river or the Kerch Strait.
   -> Resolve Soviet partisan operations.
      - Record any adjustment to the German Attack Supply available for the next turn.

Administrative Phase

Perform the administrative actions required at the end of each game turn.
   -> Determine if the Soviets capitulate or advance into Germany.
   -> Remove any Neutralized markers from Soviet supply districts.
   -> Consult the Strategic Events Table, if applicable.
      - If Italy surrenders, remove the Italian army.
      - If special Siberian reinforcements arrive, add these strength points to the Soviet force pool.
   -> Determine the weather conditions for the next turn.
      - Use the month of the next turn.
      - Place the Weather marker on the Weather Track accordingly.
   -> Advance the Game Turn marker on the Game Turn Record card.

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