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1864 Year of Decision
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1864 Year of Decision
Simulation of the decisive campaigns that brought the American Civil War to its violent conclusion.
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I. Introduction

1864 - Year of Decision is a board game simulation of the decisive campaigns that brought the American Civil War to its violent conclusion.

    Players assume the roles of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis and their senior military advisors.
    Players operate armies, corps and divisions in military regions that reflect the maneuver limitations experienced by the belligerents.
      - The combat units are built around strength points (SPs) representing approximately 1,000 men.
      - Each unit is rated for troop quality, leaders' tactical abilities, leaders' initiative and command span.
    The game compels players to focus on the interrelationship between military operations and their political consequences.
    Victory is determined by the political results stemming from military successes and failures.

Learning to Play

Players should lay out the game components and refer to them while reading the rules.
   -> Many of the key rules are summarized for quick reference on the play aid cards.
      - These summaries ease learning and playing the game.
      - They also provide a review for players when replaying the game or introducing it to others.

The Player Reference booklet provides:
   -> Historical Commentary.
   -> Design Notes.
   -> Playing Hints.
   -> Key to the Units.
   -> Scenario Instructions.
   -> Map Regions Reference

II. Game Equipment

Inventory of Components

A complete copy of 1864 - Year of Decision includes:
   -> 1 Rules of Play Booklet
   -> 1 Player Reference Booklet
   -> 1 Set of 280 Die-Cut Playing Pieces
   -> 4 Map Sections
   -> 11 Play Aid Cards
      - Sequence of Play Card
      - Examples of Play Card
      - Game Turn Record Card
      - Combat Results Table Card
      - Combat Modifications Card
      - Casualty Table Card
      - Political Events Chart Card
      - USA Corps Strength Point Track Card
      - CSA Corps Strength Point Track Card
      - USA Point Track Card
      - CSA Point Track Card
   -> 1 Six-Sided Die
   -> 1 Game Box

Charts, Tables and Tracks

1864 - Year of Decision contains several tables, charts and tracks.
   -> Tables are used, with the players' die rolls, to determine variable results.
   -> Charts provide constant information for the players' reference during play.
   -> Tracks are used to record changes in status with minimal record keeping.

IV. Sequence of Play

1864 - Year of Decision includes several scenarios.

Each features a specific number of game turns.
   -> Each month is divided into six game turns.
      - Each game turn represents five days of the campaign.
   -> Players adhere to the following sequence for each turn.
A play aid card lists the sequence of play in greater detail.

Weather Phase
The players determine the weather for each theater.

Union Player Phase
The Union player performs each of the following steps:
Morale Recovery Step
The Union player attempts to recover the morale of his demoralized or routed units.
   -> He adjusts Morale markers as necessary. Supply Step
The Union player determines supply.
   -> He places Supply markers as necessary.
      - He may devastate regions to avoid reduced supply. Support Step
   -> The Union player repairs or breaks railroads.
   -> The Union player may devastate regions as eligible.
   -> The Union player places any reinforcements available.
   -> The Union player may activate or remove divisions.
      - He exchanges strength points between corps and divisions as eligible

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