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Eastern Front
This realistic solitaire game allows you to recreate Germany's invasion of Russia during World War II.
$34.95      Eastern Front
Eastern Front Counter Eastern Front Counter Eastern Front Counter Eastern Front Counter
  • Rules of Play Booklet in our easy-to-read bullet paragraph format
  • Player Reference Booklet with notes on the historical situation and the game's design
  • 280 Die-Cut Playing Pieces
  • 1 Mapsheet covering the entire theater
  • 9 Color Play Aid Cards
  • 2 Dice
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In June 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union launching the largest land campaign in history. The German high command planned a lightning-paced campaign to destroy the Soviet Army and capture Leningrad, Smolensk and Kiev and finally Moscow by year's end. Russia would fall as easily as France had a year earlier. After stunning initial successes, the German effort faltered against the vast scale of the Russian landscape. Four years later, the resurgent Soviet Army flooded into Germany capturing Berlin. A great game is back and better than ever! Eastern Front Solitaire, our first 3000 Line re-release, has been completely revamped with new artwork and all new components. This realistic solitaire game allows you to recreate Germany's invasion of Russia during World War II. You direct army and panzer group headquarters, infantry armies and panzer corps in a simulation described by a satisfied customer as "very historical in its approach and exceedingly simple to administer; a rare combination indeed!"

Game turns in Eastern Front Solitaire represent one month of the campaign. Move your infantry, panzer and headquarters units from district to district. Panzer corps may be able to move again during exploitation movement. Use captured rail lines and ports and your headquarters to supply your forces in Russia.

Resolve combat in a district realistically by comparing the strengths of attacking German and defending Soviet forces. Supply status and terrain may affect the units' combat strengths. The die roll used to resolve combat may be modified by terrain, supply, overwhelming odds and German tactical superiority. Combat can result in strength point losses for both sides, retreats, advances and breakthroughs. A breakthrough by panzer corps will leave the defenders isolated. Simple rules simulate a Soviet opponent. The Soviet Army is represented by fronts, shock armies, tank armies, garrisons and manpower and tank pools. After the German turn, establish the Soviet front line, place a Soviet front in each district and allocate strength points from the manpower pool. Determine the number of Soviet attacks and allocate each to an eligible district. Place Soviet shock and tank armies in these districts to attack. Resolve each Soviet attack. Advancing Soviet forces may be exposed to an ensuing German counterattack and can establish a bridgehead over a river. Optional rules allow the use of Soviet fronts with historical designations and add the effect of Hitler's orders on German forces, German evacuation by sea and variable victory conditions.

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