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All of the games below are in pre-production. All have had substantial work completed on the rules and artwork. Please help us determine the order in which they will be published by placing OMEGAPay orders for the titles you want. You place your order now, but do not pay until the game is ready to ship. You can also order these games as part of and OmegaPak and save 30%.      For more information or comments on any of these titles send an email to Omega Games
War Plan Orange Using the popular Carrier War game system, War Plan Orange simulates a hypothetical war in the Pacific during the early 1930s. 840 die-cut counters featuring US, Japanese and Commonwealth land, naval and air units, including optional battleships and other forces never devised due to naval treaties, are included in this massive boxed set.

$69.95      Ranger
War Plan Orange
Escape and Evasion An exciting solitaire game placing the player in the role of a downed aircrew member behind enemy lines. Utilizing the unique paragraph-driven RANGER game system, this all new game has the realism and high degree of re-playability RANGER players have enjoyed for twenty-five years. A team of active duty military pilots helped during the development of this game. It can also be linked with RANGER with one player leading a patrol to locate and recover the other player.

$39.95      Ranger
Escape and Evasion
Escape and Evasion A revised, new version of the Simulation Canada classic game of the war in North Africa during World War II. Can you lead the D.A.K. to the capture of Alexandria, Cairo and the Nile Delta before the growing Allied strength lead to their victory? Can you hold on as the Allies until the balance of forces shifts in your favor? Play D.A.K. as a game or combined with La Regia Marina. New optional random events rules add a realistic uncertainty of events for the commanders of both sides.

$39.95      Ranger
Escape and Evasion An all-new edition of Simulations Canada's simulation of the battle for the control of the Mediterranean Sea during World War II. The 280 full color playing pieces represent the German, Italian, English, American, French and Russian forces. The two maps now depict the Mediterranean Sea at the same scale as those in D.A.K. allowing the games to be played as a single, combined simulation. Refight the campaign that decided the war in the desert.

$39.95      Ranger
La Regia Marina
Escape and Evasion A completely updated and revised edition of the classic Simulations Canada game of the War of 1812. Strategic play occurs on a map of the eastern seaboard and Gulf coast of the United States. Operation play takes place on a map of the Great Lakes border area of the United States and Canada. An optional rule adds worldwide naval operations. With Stephen Newberg's help, we have made another great game better.

$34.95      Ranger
Rockets Red Glare
Escape and Evasion War to the Death is a strategic simulation of Napoleon's struggle to subjugate the Iberian Peninsula during the period 1810-1813. (This all new version will also include a separate scenario covering the earlier 1808 campaign.) The game highlights the special problems the Imperial armies encountered in their conflict with the British Army, the Spanish Army and the Spanish guerrillas. It also recreates the supply and replacement difficulties that plagued the French forces operating in a poor country for an extended period of time. Featuring an all new map design offering a new solution to area movement wargaming.

$34.95      Ranger
War To The Death
Escape and Evasion Victory in Europe is an exciting corps/army level game of the climactic struggle to end the war in Europe. This three (or two) player game covers the final six months of the war with weekly turns. The German player must defend his remaining territory strategically or suffer the loss of critical resources. This all new, updated edition will feature a more detailed map, an order of battle and improved rules for extended unit fronts. Play Victory in Europe and face the same tough decisions as those confronting Eisenhower, Stalin or Hitler sixty-five years ago.

$34.95      Ranger
Victory in Europe
Last Battle for Germany In 1989, the governments of eastern Europe fell leading to an end of the Warsaw Pact. The Soviet leadership surrendered to the political and economic realities they faced. Events could have been different. Last Battle for Germany is a simulation of a military climax of the Cold War. The game is played against a backdrop of unknown political and military events over which the players have no control, but to which they must react. Players maneuver their divisions, brigade and regiments across a map with 15 kms per hex during turns representing 48 hour. An innovative game system represents each subordinate commander's headquarters and support assets. An integrated air game completes this definitive simulation of a Warsaw Pact-NATO conflict.

$79.95      Ranger
Last Battle for Germany
Main Battle Area Completely designed and developed by US Army infantry and armor officers, Main Battle Area is a realistic simulation of tactical combat in Europe between a US task force and a Soviet regiment during the 1980s and 1990s. All new artwork including a dramatic new map by Charlie Kibler brings this extremely innovative game up to today's standards and beyond. An expansion kit (available separately) will extend the simulation through 2009 and present current threat forces and environments.

$49.95      Ranger
Main Battle Area
Main Battle Area AirLand Battle is an operational game simulating a 1995 Soviet attack on an American corps in Europe. This all-new edition integrates the scenario of our new Last Battle for Germany game and includes a detailed order of battle. The original AirLand Battle was hailed as an extremely realistic simulation. Maneuver and combat are performed in a series of interactive phases that simulate the coordination and sequencing of all combat assets on the battlefield.

$49.95      Ranger
AirLand Battle
Napoleon's Leipzig Campaign Napoleon's Leipzig Campaign is an operational simulation of the great struggle in 1813 for mastery of Europe. This all new version includes an operational map that recreates troop marching abilities, restrictions on lines of communications and the role of fortresses and four battle boards for use in resolving combat with a high degree of tactical flavor. The combat system integrates leadership, troop quality and morale, employment of reserves and cavalry, demoralization, rout and pursuit. Napoleon's Leipzig Campaign recreates the salient features of military operations of this period in a challenging and evenly balanced simulation.

$39.95      Ranger
Napoleon's Leipzig Campaign
TriForce TriForce is an innovative strategy game offers wargaming in an exciting science-fiction format. Move one-inch playing pieces containing futuristic forces to capture key areas of the board. Combat is resolved with a unique dice roll system. The board features oversized hexagons with dramatic colors instead of terrain. All of the basic wargaming concepts are here in a game you can play with anyone.

$34.95      Ranger

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