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OMEGA GAMES is pleased to offer these fine games from Japan. Each title includes English translations of the rules and charts
The Korean War Cover New edition of Show Kikaku game of the war in Korea 25 June - 15 October 1950
The Korean War
Six Angles Collection Four games from Masahiro Yamazaki's critically acclaimed magazine Six Angles.

Zaporozhe 1943: Attack on the German Bridgehead
Okehazama 1560: Nobunaga's Incredible Victory
Sakhalin 1945: The Soviet Assault on Sakhalin
Gettysburg 1863: His Truth is Marching On
Six Angles Collection
Pacific Fleet Recreating Germany's campaign against Russia during World War II, this solitaire game system introduces several scenarios spanning all of the decisive encounters of the war, and features 280 die-cut counters showcasing German army and panzer group headquarters, and infantry armies and panzer corp, with Soviet units highlighting optional historical designations.
Pacific Fleet
All New English Version Coming Soon
Drive on Stalingrad Cover The opening blitz, 22-28 June 1941
Six Angles #12
Army Group South The last stand at Moscow - 1941-1942 - The end of Operation Barbarossa
Six Angles #11
Six Angles #7 Paulus' 6th Army - Stalingrad 18 Nov - 24 Dec 1942
Six Angles #10
Six Angles #6 War for the Motherland - 1941-1944
Six Angles #9
Six Angles #6 Kharkov 1941-1943
Six Angles #8
The Desert Fox Rommel
The Desert Fox

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