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Paper Wars
PAPER WARS #56 (Nov/Dec 2004) Cover
Title Publisher Reviewer
Europe Engulfed GMT Games Ed McGran
Gettysburg 1863 Avalanche Press Kevin C. Rohrer
The Russian Campaign L2 Design Group Rick Lechowich
Corsairs and Hellcats   Walt O'Hara
Chickamauga and Chattanooga Avalanche Press Robert Lindsay and David Nicholas
Kursk in Normandy Perry Moore John D. Burtt
Africa 1859-60 Ludopress Paul Rohrbaugh
America Triumphant Avalanche Press Patrick R. Collins
The Korean War Sunset Games Doug Murphy
Soldier Emperor Avalanche Press Douglas Jorenby
Chancellorsville and Plevna Decision Games James C. Gordon
Up Front Avalon Hill Phillippe Poirier
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Vol 53
PAPER WARS #55 (Sept/Oct 2004) Cover
Title Publisher Reviewer
Attack! and Attack! Expansion Eagle Games Patrick R. Collins
The Lost Battalion Decision Games Steven A. Carey with Mike Panikowski
North Wind Rain Against the Odds Doug Murphy
A Game of Thrones Fantasy Flight Games Douglas Jorenby
Almansa 1707 Ludopress Kevin Donovan
Obbedisco TCS Games Doug Murphy
Panzer Grenadier: Battle of the Bulge and Semper Fi!: Guadalcanal Avalanche Press John D. Burtt and Leonard Krol
Advanced European Theather of Operations Decision Games Rick Lechowich
Sun of Austerlitz Operational Studies Group Robert Laing
Sweden Fights On GMT Games Paul Rohrbaugh
Vanished Planets Vanished Planets Games Kelly Rooker with Terry Rooker


Vol 55
Vol 54
Vol 53
PAPER WARS #54 (May/June 2004) Cover
Title Publisher Reviewer
Streets of Stalingrad L2 Design Group Wade Hinkle
The Killing Ground New England Simulations Bill Lenoir
Waterloo Phalanx Games John D. Burtt
Von Manstein's Backhand Blow GMT Games Mark Olson
The Forgotten War: Korea Decision Games Leonard Krol
Napoleon in the Desert Avalanche Press Kevin Donovan
Liberty Columbia Games Ed McGran
Iron Tide Pacific Rim Publishing David Newport
Greek Tragedy BSO Games Richard G. Simon
Space Pigs TILSIT Editions Doug Murphy with Kelly Rooker
Breakthrough at Gemehalo Perry Moore Alan Murphy
Chariot Lords Clash of Arms Games Brandon Einhorn


Vol 55
Vol 54
Vol 53
PAPER WARS #53 (Jan/Feb 2004) Cover
Title Publisher Reviewer
Lock 'n Load Shrapnel Games Patrick R. Collins
Chosin Pacific Rim Publishing Leonard Krol
Brute Force Clash of Arms Games Brian Datta
Asia Crossroads: The Great Game Decision Games Robert Laing
Attila: Scourge of Rome GMT Games Carl Gruber
Marlborough Man BSO Games Kevin Donovan
Ignorant Armies: The Iran-Iraq War 1980-88 Decision Games Steve Carey
Battlelines: Streets of Stalingrad / Drive on Stalingrad Lost Battalion Games John D. Burtt and Doug Murphy
The Rise of the Republic of Rome GMT Games Patrick R. Collins
Naval Warfare World War I Naval Warfare Simulations Patrick R. Collins
Medieval GMT Games Douglas Jorenby
Gnome Tribes TILSIT Editions Kelly Rooker with Terry Rooker
Millenium Wars One Small Step Paul Rohrbaugh with Leonard Krol and Brian Datta
Warplan Dropshot Schutze Games Robert G. F. Marrinan, Sr.

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