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Welcome to Omega Games  26 April 2018
OMEGA GAMES publishes military simulation board games and Paper Wars, a bi-monthly wargame review magazine.

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Select any 6 item combination of Ranger, 1864, Eastern Front, Line of Battle, Battleship, SS Abyss, or Game Boxes.

Now added to the special OmegaPak special ordering option are the games in Pre-Order including Escape and Evasion, Carrier War, La Regia Marina, War Plan Orange, D.A.K., Rockets Red Glare, War to the Death, Victory in Europe, and Main Battle Area. You only pay now for the games that are currently available. All orders for our upcoming releases are OMEGAPay orders - You order now, but pay later once the game is available. We will contact you near the game's actual shipping date. Save Now! Save Later!

When you order an OmegaPak, you can add as many deluxe editions of Against the Odds back issues, Annuals and Campaign Studies as you want. You save $10 off each Against the Odds deluxe title when also ordering an OmegaPak. If you add just three Against the Odds deluxe titles to your order, the savings pay for ordering RANGER in the OmegaPak.

Official Opaque Container and Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug
At last! Anyone who plays wargames knows how many years this product has been needed. Finally, an official Opaque Container for use with the hundreds of games published since the Seventies requiring one. As an added bonus, it doubles as a smart-looking coffee mug.
Single Mug         $12.50     Expansion Kit
Set of four mugs         $39.95     Expansion Kit

08/16/15 : The new Rules of Play and Player Reference booklets for Eastern Front Solitaire are now available. These booklets feature full color covers and use the back and inside covers to provide additional play aid cards. They also incorporate all errata. They are available for purchase separately and will ship as part of all new orders.

12/08/12 : The Mac/PC version of our Ranger game will be available in February. You can view a short trailer for the game on our home page.

03/12/11 : Three new illustrated Paper Wars reviews are posted. One is from the CD ROM covering the Rich Erwin years, one is from an out of print back issue and one is from an upcoming issue.

03/06/11 : The printed version of the Tactical Events Booklet for Ranger will ship on April 8, 2011. If you have ordered from us or sent us your registration card, you will receive a copy at no charge.

Ranger Omega Games is pleased to announce the long-awaited re-release of the all new version of their popular Ranger solitaire wargame. Ranger and the AO Sierra/AO Yankee expansion kit are both available now .

Ranger, one of the best selling board wargames of all time, has been completely revised and updated with new weapons, equipment and tactics. This unique game has been a great cross over success with players who do not play traditional wargames. Ranger is very easy to play and as realistic as any board game ever developed. Four versions of the game simulate patrolling in wooded, mountain, jungle and desert terrain. Order the jungle terrain version now. The wooded terrain version will be released early next year.

Line of Battle Omega Games and Simulations Canada are pleased to announce the first two releases of the new versions of the famous Simulations Canada line of wargames. Line of Battle and Battleship. Rockets Red Glare will follow this summer.

Each game has been completely overhauled with all new artwork. The cover art is by Adrian George of the UK, the counters are by Nicolas Eskubai of Spain and the maps are by Scott Holmgren of Blue Guidon Games in Orlando. Rules editing and game development by Bill Gibbs and Rick Lechowich. Overseeing it all from the bridge and keeping us on course is Stephen Newberg.

Carrier War Take command of Japanese and Allied forces during the crucial years of the War in the Pacific. Maneuver naval, air and land forces from Japan to Ceylon and the West Coast of the United States. Three interactive naval/air rounds per monthly game turn recreate the excitement of fast carrier operations. Playing pieces represent American, Japanese, Commonwealth, Dutch, and Filipino land, naval and air units.

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