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Imagine employees being excited at the announcement of the company's new training program.
OMEGA GAMES offers several card games in a variety of styles which can be customized to support any training objective. Engage your employees in a fast playing game which is easy to learn and fun to play.

When your training session ends, employees can play the game again and again reinforcing training objectives.

SafetyCardz is shipping now. Try this game to make your safety training fun for the attendees and more effective. Customizing this game for your specific training program is easy.
Reduce Spending not Training with our Card Games.
Employees will play SaftyCardZ again and again reinforcing valuable safety training. Business Game Card
There is no limit to how our card games can be used to support your message. Here are some examples:
Business Game Card Distribute a game to promote a marketing campaign

Excellent premium for Trade Shows
Business Game Card Team Build with sports cards

of associates and facilities.
Business Game Card Educate employees

on products/benefits.
Business Game Card Introduce new e-Business

improvements with Impact!
Training is a critical success factor for all businesses but inevitably falls under increasing budget pressures. Now there is an exciting answer to reducing spending without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of your training program.

Business Game Card
  • Our innovative game designs maximize learning and retention while minimizing training time.

  • We can customize our card and board games to present your training goals in a package that will be a hit with employees.

  • Use our games to train customers who resell your products or to promote your company and its services.

  • Use one of our exciting card games to provide a new, interactive approach to learning which is fun, effective and quickly learned by all employees.

  • Our card game design innovations and manufacturing expertise allow us to provide a training product that is tailored to your company's needs.
  • Business Game Card

  • We can adapt any of our card game templates to meet your training objectives.

  • Play On Line, Face to Face or both.

  • Our card games will educate players on your key training messages while the variety of cards in each game allows you to convey additional information as a bonus.
    Business Game Card

  • As players become vested in the game, they are also vested in learning.

  • The fast pace and excitement ensure your employees will play the game again and again reinforcing learning in a manner other training cannot provide.

  • Play our games On Line if more practical for your business and employees.

  • We can provide custom programming for use on your intranet.

  • If you prefer, we will support your training program from our server.
  • Business Game Card

    Use our custom games with your employees or distribute as a promotional tool with your customers.

  • We offer a variety of card styles for internal or external training use.

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